Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello and Friendly Greetings from our beautiful island of Lombok which is situated next to popular tourist Island of Bali in Indonesia.
Lombok is surrounded by unpolluted sea’s perfect condition to harvest sea pearls.
The Sea pearls of Lombok are ranked top in the word, the quality superb.
Also Lombok has many craftsman and women who can make beautiful Jewellery of all designs from these pearls.
Set in Gold or silver or just pearl itself. And can be into Earrings, Broaches, Pendants rings, Bracelet etc
But the best part is the cost a fraction of what you would pay for in the west 4 -5 time cheaper.
And our sea pearls can be courier to any part of the world
So if you are interested in our sea pearls wither for personal use or business please contact us.